Taupo Region

The Taupo Regions Trout Fishing is the North Island’s most popular region for trout fishing and for good reason! Taupo provides anglers with the opportunity to catch top condition Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout from a variety of unique rivers that offer some of the North Islands most beautiful scenery. Many of the Lake Taupo tributaries are open all year round and provide some of the best winter fishing while a lot of the countries other waters are closed.

If you are wondering where to start with fly fishing, the Taupo region has you covered. With a large and helpful angling community in small towns such as Turangi you will quickly be given the right tools and advice to start catching some great fish. A Taupo Region Fishing trip is a must do for all fly fisherman!

The list below provides you a guide and tips to get started each of the Taupo Region Rivers…

Lake Taupo Tributaries